AKA Juice or Wuice  






AKC # SR70942502

OFA# 1702828

CHIC# 104244

Permanent ID # 985112004394935

Olive is bright, funny, quirky, goofy, clunky and lovable. Such a fun Dog. This girl does not have one drop of quit in her.  She has never met another dog or person she doesn’t love.  Olive always keeps me laughing, yet if you give her a job she will go for days.  She is literally the oddest dog I have ever had, and the most impressive at the same time.  (Odd in a good way)

Let me give you examples:

Odd:  If you bring out the fly swatter, flashlight, water hose, drone or simply blow in her face, she will lose her mind. A whole lot of tail wagging, body contortions, barking and calculated attacks.The energy is un-measurable, yet easily swayed because she’s always game for the next party. Always!

Odd & Impressive: Catching? What Lab can’t catch? The simple act of tossing an object in the air, and said dog catches it? Right? Well, poor Olive can’t catch to save her life. It's hilarious, she tries harder than any other dog in the room. Possibly any dog in the history of dog catching. She misses every time, but it never breaks her spirit. How could anyone hold that against her? I actually value it.

Impressive: When doing training drills, or even a fun day at the beach, she will outlast any human or other dog in the area.  She would rather die than stop.  She will beat every dog out to the bumper, guaranteed, every time. She is determined, strong, powerful, and fast. It's so fun to watch her.  She is not mean or dominant at all, not a drop, just 100% determined.

Impressive: She demands nothing.  She follows me, lays around, sleeps and eats.  She goes with the flow.  I couldn’t ask for a better dog to have following every move I make.  It’s always easy, and always fun. Our daily “script” is dependent on my mood, and she's on board with my every whim.

This girl is truly a treasure.

Olive is Out Of Magie's Golden Glory and Levi's Goldeneye II. Also in her pedigree is  Kelly Green Lab's, BlueGils, Boondock's and Tanker's.

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