Dale- Mother Pupper's Delanie the Dazzler

OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA EIC: Clear

OFA Eyes: Clear

OFA Cardiac: Normal

OFA PRA: Clear

OFA CNM: Clear

OFA D-Locus: Clear - DD Normal (does not carry dilute)


AKC # SS21844504

Permanent ID #985141003354245

Date Whelped: 10-14-2020

Dale's mom is Mel, but somehow her personality reminds me the most of Olive. She is funny, spunky, sweet as honey, and smart. She actually seems to have taken on the best qualities of Tink, Olive and Mel. She is very well rounded.

We are all smitten with this little girl. She even seems to be the favorite of all the big dogs. She loves everyone and plays very nice. Training has gone great. She likes to explore the world with her mouth, but fortunately she isn't a chewer (knock on wood). And at only 4 months old we started to test if we could leave her out of her crate when we leave. She handles it brilliantly. Now at 5 months old, I can run errands without any concern that she will be naughty. I do give a lot of credit to my big girls, I do believe she follows their lead. But this is still rather incredible

Dale is my dream dog. I planned for her for several years. She is everything I hoped for.

Dale is out of 'Mother Pupper's Melanie Magnificent' at Mother Pupper Labrador's and 'Dexter' at Snow White Labrador Studs. Also in Dale's Pedigree is Kelly Green Labs, Borador Lab's, Witherow's, Wilmar's and Zimmerman's.

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