Mother's Mission

 Focused On Genetics, Health Testing and Temperament

Mel and Olive spring 2016

We work with a purpose to better the breed, focused on health and temperament first and foremost.  I strongly believe that any lab with a good disposition is trainable with a good handler.  

All my dogs have a minimum of the requirements outlined by The American Kennel Club specific to Labrador Retrievers to qualify for their CHIC number.  These tests are OFA hips, OFA elbows, OFA eyes and EIC.  These are the 4 ailments most likely to affect Labrador’s.  

Breeding is not about the money, for me they hold value in my heart.

-I have a strong desire to better this breed as well as educate about being a responsible owner.  I am very passionate about Labradors, and I can't wait to share that enthusiasm with you
-We do not start a female until she is 2 years old, and then we breed every other heat. This is for the health of the female.  
-Our Lab's are family members.  When a lab retires, or can not breed for medical reasons, we do not re-home them.  
-I am always available for my adoptive families, encouraging and aiding in any way we can with training and health.

Please, don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for wanting a pure bred healthy dog.

Its your money, you have a right to know exactly what your getting.  I strongly believe that the over population of dogs is a direct result of irresponsible breeding, or puppy mills.  Both of which I am not. These are breeders that have no consideration for health and temperament of their animals.  They breed to early, to long, on every heat, they mix breeds to create "designer breeds".  OR they don't spay and neuter and end up with unwanted pregnancies.
Rescues do great work, with great intentions. However, rescues are usually very against breeding. The "Adopt Don't Shop" trend is a temporary solution to the overpopulation problem.   Responsible breeding is the solution. It should be encouraged and praised. Breeding alone is NOT the problem.   If everyone stopped breeding, we would have no animals in 15 years. Nobody wants that... Responsible breeding is the only logical solution long term.