Tip #1 The best thing you can do to prevent a chewer, is don't let your dog get bored or store up energy. Take your dog for regular walks/runs, Play fetch, Go to a pool or lake, Join a hunting club, Enroll in training/obedience classes

Tip #2 Have lots of toys and suitable chewing options available to them. Some favorites are Balls, Stuffed Animals, Bumpers, Nylabones, pig ears, marrow bones, antlers, kongs etc.

***Never give your dog rawhide of any kind in any form. It expands and becomes and choking and blockage hazzard. Raw bones of any kind are safe (they really are, I promise). Never give cooked bones. Always consult your vet if unsure about somethings safety***

Tip #3 And Lastly... The VERY best thing you can do to prevent destructive behavior. Get another dog. Dogs with a companion rarely get bored. Its the best gift you can give your dog. This is really only effective as prevention.  If you already have a very naughty, destructive dog and decide to add another... the new puppy will not dissuade the bad behavior, it will learn it. So its best to get the behavior under control before adding a new puppy. Or better yet, add the puppy before the behavior starts