AKA Mellie or Mellie Bean



OFA Elbows: TBD



Mel's Sire, Rocco from Maple Creek Lab's, and Dam, Gracie from Labradorable English Lab's, were both Clear for EIC and Eyes, therefore Mel is technically cleared by parentage.  .  Her Sire and Dame both also had good to excellent scores for hips and elbows. However testing will still be completed so she can get a CHIC # 

AKC # SR90347504

OFA# Coming Jan 2018

CHIC# Coming Jan 2018

Permanent ID # 985113000249

This dog could not be more well rounded. She is the best of both worlds of love, goofy and fun.  She will hunker down and cuddle until the sun comes up. Kisses are her favorite thing in the world, next to pig ears. Yet this kid will go until the cows come home. She is up for anything, anytime. I love this about her.  She is still young, but I definitely can see her personality shining through.  She is strong and confident.  Yet not a dominate personality.  She wants what she wants, but is willing to let it go if need be.  If i had to select traits in a dog I wanted, she would easily tick off every category.

One of Mel’s quirks: When she gets sleepy she stares at me and whimpers, just a little.  I lean over, rub her little face for 10 seconds, and she immediately goes and lies down.  She does this every time she is sleepy, without fail.  I love her predictability, and humanity.

Another Mel Quirk:  She is by far my biggest supporter doing house work.  If I’m vacuuming, she’s right there. Mopping the floors? Mellie Bean’s Here! Windexing? There she is. Cleaning toilets? She is right by your side. This comes in handy, nobody likes cleaning toilets.  If you need a shoulder during that time, she’s your girl.  I feel like she’s my personal ra-ra squad.

Mel is out of Hadley's Amazing Gracie at Labradorable English Lab's and Windancing's White Mountain at Maple Creek (Rocco). Also in Mel's Pedigree is Kelly Green Labs, Borador Lab's, Witherow's, Wilmar's and Zimmerman's.


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