Tink- The OG

The Original Mother Pupper

The MVP - "Most Valuable Pupper"

AKC # SR66647202



Permenent ID # 911001001293092

Penn HIP: 20% Poor

*We completed no further testing after this score

*Tink was fixed


Tinket is an hard one to summarize. The reason being that she holds SO MUCH value, but no monetary value whatsoever. I’m ok with this, but most breeders would have sold her many years ago.  You see, Tinks hips were pre-dispositioned to be bad in old age, so we spayed Tink.  For a few years I didn’t see Tink as a “Official” Mother Pupper Dog.  She would never produce any litters, so she would simply be a beloved pet. I was ok with that. But, I have since come to realise that Tink is not only an official Mother Pupper Dog, but she is the original Mother Pupper Dog, The OG, the most valuable Mother Pupper Dog.

I always knew that Tink is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle, lovable, patient,  intelligent dog you will ever meet. She is such a pleaser, she doesn’t have a naughty bone in her body. What I didn’t realize is that she would teach these cherished traits to every Mother Pupper Dog that comes after her.  I have added two new Labrador Retriever Ladies since I brought Tink home in the Spring of 2011, Olive and Mel.  It amazes me every day to see them take on her personality.  Tink sets the tone and  teaches them everything. She is the leader and it's very clear. Definitely the dominant female, but in a very subtle way, you really have to look for it. I love this about her, she is not agressive at all, even when she's being dominate.  It’s like watching a well choreographed ballet.

We have a 5 month old puppy in our home, Mel, that we can leave un-crated, for at least 3 hours, with no incident what-so-ever. No dumping of garbage cans, no tearing up door frames, no chewing up couches.  I absolutely Believe that Mel follows Tinks lead, and does what she does. She was my first Labrador, my first real dog as a serious Lab owner.  While I feel i have learned so much since the day i brought her home, I realize that as she matures, she is always showing me new lessons.

Out of Sir Ace Maximus Wild Goose Chase and Decoy the Golden Eye Retriever.